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Three Novel Series

Three Novel Series

Posted by admin | May 15, 2019 | Uncategorized

Quirky characters in a cozy mystery series

The Alcott Family Adventures has a huge cast of zany characters. Download the FREE Spicy Chocolate family tree on my website 

The series introduces the three middle-aged Alcott sisters: Lila Mae Alcott, Madge Abercrombie and Dorothea Divine, along with Bernie, their rascally 92-year-old father, Bambi, his nurse, and Lila Mae’s boyfriend and Houston police detective Chance Walker.

Each of the books contains recipes in the back. Bitter Chocolate and Spicy Chocolate books contain the family tree. I write with a large cast of characters.

Hot Chocolate, Bitter Chocolate and Spicy Chocolate are available in as an eBook and audiobook boxed set. They are also available in paperback.

The audiobook set is narrated by Kelley Hazen.

Welcome to Thol, a parallel world with creatures and extraordinary beings

Prophecy of Thol was the first book I ever wrote. It sat in a drawer for a couple of decades before I dusted it off and rewrote it a gazillion times.

The Thol series is about D’laine Jackson, a 17-year-old girl from Houston, TX who is about to go off to college. She is pulled into a cloud and dumped into an exotic parallel world with creatures and extraordinary beings.

Each book contains a chart that explains the technology, creatures and characters.

Prophecy of Thol and Gifts of Thol are available as eBooks, paperbacks and audiobooks. I’m almost finished with Love of Thol. It will be out this summer (2019).

Shape-shifter billionaires

Bonded is the first book in this series followed by Tothars. Book 3,Tilted, is in the works and will be available by the winter (2019).

Because these books contain sex and violence, I have used the pseudonym DG Ireland to keep them separate from eyes too young.

Roman Davenport thought he was the only shifter in existence—a freak. He first shifted to a panther when he was twenty years old. Now, in his forties, he and his panther are so lonely.

Then he rescued Gage Stryker, an eagle that had been shot from the sky with an arrow through his wing. Like Roman, Gage thought he was the only shifter.

They spent the next fifty years searching for their kind—and searching for mates. Relationships with women were short—most only wanted the limelight of the city’s two most eligible bachelors.

Then Ari Davis crossed their path.

Nothing would ever be the same for any of them again. They formed a bond that could never be broken.

Kitchen disaster!

Saturday was one of those la-de-da days. I cooked, cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher and went about my business.

Noticed that my slippers were wet–one of those scratch your head moments. I backtracked to the kitchen and discovered water on the floor! The rug runner by the sink was soaked. Hauled it out to the deck and threw it over the railing to drip dry.

Shut off the dishwasher. Ran downstairs to the laundry room and discovered a stream of water dripping over the well housing and soaking the floor. All that water in the dishwasher had to go somewhere! Used the shop vac to get up as much as possible.

Returned to the kitchen, opened the cabinet and after touching all the pipes, discovered a hole in the elbow pipe large enough for my thumb to go through!

Spent Mother’s Day in a funk because I could not cook. Cooking comes together with the kitchen sink. I’m always rinsing my fingers and loading things into the sink. I’m a clean as you go type of gal.

Due to the holiday I couldn’t get help. My neighbor fixed the problem yesterday. I now have a PVC elbow pipe. Baked chicken last night — legs and thighs in this fabulous oil/paprika/garlic basting sauce. Oh, Yummy!

Writing update as of 5/14/19

Almost to the end of Love of Thol, book 3 in the Thol series. At this writing I just hit 76,189 words and 347 pages.

There’s a lot going on. People are immigrating to Thol. The gifts Thol bestows upon the Earthlings are very powerful.

The boys have more adventures with new friends.

Many new creatures are introduced. Some wonderful. Some deadly.

Someone’s going to die.

On top of all of that, a powerful, threatening storm, called a churling, which is ten times more dangerous than any Earth hurricane, is headed toward Ebscalon.

Tidbit of information:

Beware of cats when you’re writing! Lola Jean, my 5-year-old half Siamese hand tabby, stood on my power button.

She effectively shut down my laptop in the middle of my writing session on Love of Thol.

Thankfully, I have automatic backups. You should also. I actually have a triple redundancy system. Can’t help it. I’m paranoid of losing my content.

That cat!

I’m on Patreon!

All the famous artists, writers, and painters had patrons. Help me stay afloat. Become my patron. I’ll love you forever if you contribute to my paper, ink, formatting and publishing expenses.

Please… hire an editor!

Why would you invest time and effort to write a book, then fling it out on Amazon when it hasn’t even been edited?

You might as well whack yourself in the shin for all the good it will do you.

My red pen and eagle eyes are waiting for your editing project!

If your book is ready to be edited send me an email. We can go over your details and I will let you know how I work with authors and how much I would charge for your project.

If it has words, I can edit it with one exception: poetry. This is not my expertise and I would be doing you a disservice to offer to edit a poem.

My Rack Of Books

My Rack Of Books

I hope you have a great week. Until we meet across the keyboard again.

Onward & upward!

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