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Artistic Origins publishing services can help you take that book from your head, drawer, or electronic file and transform it into a work worthy of competition quality

When you have created a book — slaved over a keyboard day after day, week in, week out, forgoing holidays, vacations, fun with friends or family to make your dream of becoming a published author possible, you require a publisher that can make this dream come true. Your product has to stand out on the crowded shelves of a book store, or besides similar books in your category on a website such as Amazon.
Writers should never have to worry about missing an important step in the publishing process. A top notch publishing liaison will connect your project with the right type of editor, graphic artist, formatter and printer for your book, whether it will be an eBook, paperback or a hard cover book.
You have come to the right place.
Artistic Origins values you. Your work is important to us and we will make sure that every step of the process is explained thoroughly and you will understand how your project will be transformed into the vision that you have carried with you throughout your writing process.


What we do:
•  Evaluate your book.
•  Determine the genre (if fiction).
•  Determine the category (if non-fiction).
•  Team you up with the best possible editor and graphic artist for your genre/category.
•  Secure a formatter for the project.
•  Develop a schedule.
•  Request print bids (if a printed book).
•  Determine shipping and storage of printed books.
•  Keep you informed and in the loop every step of the way.
Our Successes:
Not only are the covers of these projects vibrant, but the content stands out.  We would like to see your book on this page, along with your award news or your 5-star reviews!

Publishing Project Management Timeline 

Artistic Origins (AO) is an independent publisher. We don’t pay royalties, or buy an author’s book like big publishers, or other independent publishers. We are a doorway for people to get their work on Amazon and other places. AO has the experience and know-how to save people tons of time and money. Production costs are on a project-by-project basis (word count, whether an eBook, print, or both, audio book, etc.), depending on what the writer has done already. Since the people who come to me have typically only written their book, I coordinate/project manage the rest, which is a lot.

The type and size of the book will determine a minefield of costs and project management services and charges. (I’m the project manager/publisher.) Here is a list of what happens and what I coordinate/project manage:

  • Meet with author via Skype or phone to determine the type of book (genre of book, if they want an eBook, print, both, audio book — then if print, whether paperback or hard cover). Then determine the budget from the following:
  • The best type of editor for the project
  • Graphic artist for cover/interior illustrations
  • Graphic artist for layout and formatting for print book
  • Graphic artist for layout and formatting for eBook
  • EBook formatter
  • Narrator for audio book

After those things are determined and I have a ballpark figure of what the services are going to run, and the author wants to move forward, then the following project management services kick in:

  • Assign an editor to finished book — this can be days or weeks, depending on the size of the book and the editor’s schedule

When editor finishes the work and turns in the report and suggested edits on the manuscript, I meet with the writer (via Skype or phone) and we go over the changes. I try to make sure that the editor and writer have at least one phone conference. Then the writer starts on the rewrite. This can be an undetermined amount of time due to the writer’s schedule.

Once the writer is finished making changes from editor’s notes the following takes place:

  1. Assign a graphics artist for cover design and any interior graphics
  2. Assign graphics artist for layout and formatting for print book
  3. Assign graphics artist for layout for eBook
  4. Proof covers, interior graphics and layout work with the writer when completed; order any required changes
  5. Schedule eBook formatter
  6. Assign narrator for audio book
  7. Assign ISBN (each type of book has its own number)
  8. Get bar code for print books back cover
  9. Create the copyright page
  1. Help create the synopsis with author
  2. Help create ‘About the Author’ page
  3. Fill out Advanced Book Information (ABI) forms
  4. Compile parts of the book (covers, all frontmatter, book text, about author)
  5. Run one last Spell Check on entire book file
  6. Send book files to printer for print books
  7. Send book files to eBook formatter
  8. Proof PDF from printer (print books) — this is a page-by-page comparison of the original file and PDF of the finished file
  9. Proof PDF from eBook formatter — this is a page-by-page comparison of original file and PDF of finished file
  10. Printers (print & eBook) make changes from the proof copy. I will re-proof from their changes
  11. eBook files are delivered
  12. Print run runs
  13. Print delivery to author is determined
  14. Coordinate shipping of print run

At this point, the author receives the eBook files to upload to their Amazon account, and wherever else they are going to have the book for sale.

Marketing is a whole different contract and if the author wants me to get their book on Amazon that is part of the marketing contract. There is an enormous amount of information to fill out to get the book noticed. Not just uploading a book and assigning a title and price.

Schedule a free appointment to talk with me about your project, or what you would like to learn.

Dawn Ireland knows publishing 

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