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Prophecy of Thol News!!

Prophecy of Thol News!!

Posted by admin | August 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

Prophecy of Thol News!!

What an awesome day! I received an email from Readers’ Favorite announcing my 5-Star review of my other-world creature-filled novel, Prophecy of Thol.
You can click the link to go to the website to read the official review, or read it below. It’s awesome!
The 5-star review earned a silver medallion that will go on the cover.
You can buy the book on Amazon. Ebook, paperback or audiobook.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Readers who adored The Chronicles of Narnia will find Prophecy of Thol by Dawn Greenfield Ireland to be equally delightful. First it is the accident, then an eight-month-long period in a coma. Then come the nightmares that are as troubling as they are inexplicable. Years later, just as D’laine Jackson prepares to go to college, she experiences an unusual occurrence and suddenly wakes up in a strange world — not so strange to her, though, because she’s been part of this world in her nightmares — where she encounters the creatures of her dreams. She can’t go back to Earth, but can she figure out her mission in Thol quickly enough to avoid being consumed by what threatens this parallel world?
Dawn Greenfield Ireland is a great storyteller and I enjoyed the way she created D’laine Jackson. She is not your run-of-the-mill character. Having suffered a tragedy, she is haunted by nightmares and eventually discovers that those nightmares, or the creatures and people in them are actually real. At the time of her preparations for college, she seems to have a normal life, or a semblance of it, but then suddenly everything changes when she is transported to Thol through a portal. The world building is impeccable, and even though Thol is nothing compared to Earth, the author gives it a life of its own.
The protagonist and the other characters are well developed, the setting is vivid, and the conflict is strong. I enjoyed the psychological conflict born from the protagonist’s struggle to reconcile with the fact that she may never get back home. The narrative is balanced, deft, and punctuated by vivid descriptions and beautiful dialogues. Prophecy of Thol features a colorful setting, an atmospheric style of writing that engages the reader, and great plot lines.

Tidbit of information:

Just because you write fiction doesn’t mean you are not responsible for researching many levels of your story, such as:

  • Characters
  • Occupations
  • Settings
  • How things work

Need me to edit your book?

On another note, if you need me to edit your book, use my calendar link and book a time to talk with me about your project. I’ll give you a quote if you have your word/page count handy.
I hope you have a great month. Until we meet across the keyboard again.

Onward & upward!

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