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Bitter Chocolate – eBook


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4 Comments on "Bitter Chocolate – eBook"

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I received the book from the author for an honest review. The second book in the Alcott Family adventure, which continues three months after Hot Chocolate. The sisters were at it again, doing their thing as life once again threw them a few curve balls. Adding Bambi, Zoe, Amelia and Gina to the mix of women hormones and you are knee deep into another chocolate covered adventure. The way the sisters gathered the people around them, paying them very well I might add, always humble in their approach made this a delightful story and I enjoyed every moment. (Where can I send my CV?) And how can I forget Louie? His antics really added some humor to the story line. The author surely must have a animal like him to pin point it so accurately. The easy way of going through the day to day things as another murder was committed, and Chance once again sorting through all the evidence to find the killer. I just love the flow of the scenes, all adding flavor and interest to the plot. Of course I have to mention Uncle Tito, whose help was crucial during the investigation. With the Chocolate Ball just around the corner the ladies were spreading themselves thin to get everything done. Especially Bambi who had to adjust to her new life as a very rich woman. With more romances that blossomed as the saga unfolded. Just as in book 1, the author’s detailed descriptions kept the story very believable and realistic. The characters stayed within their own personas, complimenting the plot as it unfolded. Making this really a great read with everything included as you indulge in the aroma of ginger muffins and Cafe Mocha’s at every turn. I am so glad that the author included the recipes, will have to try after all the lip smacking that took place. I look forward to Book 3 in the series.
Margaret Rustan
Margaret Rustan
The author, Dawn Greenfield Ireland, has given us a family that we have come to know and love. Her descriptions of each member are vivid and leave no doubt in our minds who they are, how they think, how they react and how they share (or do not share) their inclinations toward life. Great series and am hoping she writes another and another.
Cynseer Booklover
Cynseer Booklover
I absolutely adore the Alcott Family series by the wonderfully talented Dawn Greenfield Ireland. Bitter Chocolate is the 2nd book in this series. I love these sisters and the family and friends that are so wildly Texan and offbeat. The mystery is divine and the laughter and love abounds throughout the story. I heartily urge you to get the first in the series, Hot Chocolate, so you can begin to love these characters as much as I do. I sincerely hope the author is working furiously on book three as I am anxious for more of Alcott mayhem. Highly recommended!
Vicki Bigan
Vicki Bigan
Have been waiting for this book to come out. Could not wait to see what would happen to the Alcott clan. Could not put it down for long…only took two days to read. Completely entertaining! Like the last book, you have no idea who done it! Now I am ready for the next book!