Livia’s (Butterfly-O-Meter Books) review of Hot Chocolate from February book tour

Livia’s (Butterfly-O-Meter Books) review of Hot Chocolate from February book tour

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh my gosh, how much fun this novel was! I was lol-ing all over the place, I couldn’t help it. It was a very pleasant experience to read it, because all that tension that usually is present in a murder mystery that spurs on my natural curiosity was replaced by a light-hearted sort of curiosity here, but I was dying to know who did it just as much as I was enjoying each and every page.

One thing that I had a lot of fun with was the fact the characters are all mature people, most of them really mature, like 40+. Wealthy, educated, cultured people, totally fun and charming each on their own, and double more so fun to follow while interacting. We’re talking really wealthy, like butler-style and such service. I loved the way the whole household had this air of a family, and the curiosity and dynamics of the Alcott ‘clan’. Chance Walker was totally fun to read as well, and his and Lila Mae’s relationship was totally awesome.

Lila Mae was totally awesome, I loved how involved she was with astrology and all sorts of divination methods, how careful she was to warn people and find all kinds of out-of-the-box solutions. Totally loved her.

Of course I had a lot of fun with Uncle Tito as well, he was a complete treat. Oh, and Bernie, man, Bernie! The Alcott’s sure were a busy bunch, I mean their numbers increase steadily as the novel progresses, lol. You’ll see what I mean while reading, it was amusing and disturbing at the same time.

The plot was well paced and the amount of clues poured in hand in hand with the humor, making it a really pleasant reading experience for me. The type of humor in particular was really to my taste, that’s a rare occurrence; I’ll expand on that. You know all those Jim Carrey comedies for instance? Can’t stand to watch one; I’m more the Louis de Funès type, you know? I’m not saying the humor of the novel was exactly the Louis de Funès type, but it leans more into that part of the specter if you ask me. That’s a big plus for me.

I loved the writing as well, it was elegant, it didn’t feel rushed, it was beautiful in a suave sort of way; it left me with a very pleasant feeling each time I read it, light and beautiful. Loved it. And I will also mention that adding the recipes at the end there was total genius, I’m SO going to try them, lol. They sound real yummy.

I say you guys should give this a try, totally. It’s fun, original, entertaining, a total win for some good fun and thought-provoking mystery.

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