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Enter to win the giveaway!

Enter to win the giveaway!

Posted by admin | August 24, 2018 | Uncategorized

Enter to win the giveaway!

Hot Chocolate is included in this promotion! Take a look at all the fabulous books. I love reading material from authors I’ve never found before.
Here’s a link, but the photo should be clickable as well:

Tidbit of information:

You are the architect of your book, and your life. That said, you have to take responsibility to make sure it’s going the way you expect.

  • Admit when you’ve made a mistake
  • Correct the mistake as best you can
  • Send love and peace to those who don’t seem to understand you or your goals

Need me to edit your book?

On another note, if you need me to edit your book, use my calendar link and book a time to talk with me about your project. I’ll give you a quote if you have your word/page count handy.
I hope you have a great month. Until we meet across the keyboard again.

Onward & upward!

My Rack Of Books


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