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Brenda Nichols
Brenda Nichols
I've known Dawn for about 8 years.Both Gibson Michaels (pen name) & myself were members of her critique group in Houston for several years before she moved to NewYork.I am working on my first novel, & she has given me invaluable advise & suggestions.As a point of reference, pages that she went through went through other critique groups without any corrections to either grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure.
Dawn also edited all three books in Gibson Michaels, The Sentience Trilogy. All three books individually were amazon best sellers, and the final was a finalist in the inaugural Dragon Awards. Mike was very happy with her editing and plot change suggestions. He has given her name to several authors that were in his critique groups to use when their works are completed. Mike did use a second editor on this series after Dawn's editing. This editor reduced her price as she had little or no work/corrections to complete. I have so much faith in her, and her skills, that I have entrusted her with editing Mike's final book. Since Mike passed before he was able to complete it, I approached Dawn to edit, as I want the book to be seamless where one of Mike's friends picked up the story to completion, and I felt her skills as an editor as well as an author would detect any style changes that would need to be addressed. I feel her experience crosses genre lines, and would not hesitate to recommend her to others regardless of genre. I also believe that you definitely will get your monies worth as she will go over works with a fine tooth comb to make it the best it can be. Happy writing…
Hi -------. I'd be happy to respond about Dawn. She was a referral for me as well thru a trusted friend. I was a first time author having written my first manuscript without any in editing or publishing. I hired Dawn for the editing component. What I found in her is that she is extremely thorough, detail oriented with a very high standard, accessible/responsive when needed, timely in turnaround, and direct in her statements. The ability to reach out to her with questions, feedback, or concerns was a major consideration of mine because I needed serious guidance. I also found her rates to be highly reasonable.
I was so satisfied with our working relationship after the editing process was completed I went on to hire her to publish my manuscript. That result too was beyond my expectations. To say the least, I think the world of Dawn and will continue to utilize her skills in the future. I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson
I give Dawn Ireland the highest recommendation as an editor. I’ve used other editors and she surpasses them in professionalism, attention to detail and punctuality. Her vast experience in multiple genres gives her great insight to character and story development.
She’s edited my novel and my screenplays and always finds not just what I missed, but she also makes valued suggestions that always improved the work. Her notes are always concise and to the point and easily understood. Some editors can bog down their notes with their theories and opinions on storytelling that have nothing to do with your story. Dawn assumes that you know what you’re doing and that you know the story you want to tell. Her advice lets you tell the best story possible.