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Cover reveal for Tothars, book 2 in the Bonded series

Cover reveal for Tothars, book 2 in the Bonded series

Posted by admin | January 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

Tothars cover and synopsis

The cover is finished. Edits are almost finished then I’ll do my read-through to make sure all goofs are caught. Then the book will go to Darwin, my secret weapon who is a formatting ninja. That man makes all my books look so beautiful!

Robert Beddow topped the crown I found with the panther. To me, it looks like the crown was designed with the panther on top.

Marcha Fox created the cover. I love the font she used. We decided to stick with the forest in the background from the first Bondedbook.

Do you like the cover? Let me hear from you! 



Book 2 in the Bonded series

Roman is gone. Abducted to an unknown location by way of a helicopter. Sherm, Lonnie and the Panther Industries Security Division have eyes in the sky searching via the satellites to identify the bird. They are watching all airports within a 300-mile radius.

Gage, Jason and Kevin are left to help Ari cope. She’s barely over her own horrific experience and now with Roman’s kidnapping, she’s fragile.

Atsa, Yiska and three of the Navajos come to Gage’s aid. Ari has a dream-like remote viewing experience where she sees through Roman’s panther eyes.

Ari tells them Roman is drugged in a cell. It looks like a rounded room made of stone—maybe a tower—in a very old building. She thought she saw a flag flapping in the wind through the bars of a small high window.

Gage asks her what the colors are on the flag. Ari tells him wide green, white and red stripes. Kevin searches with his phone and shows her several pictures. She recognizes one.

Kevin announces: Italy!

Gage gathers the fourteen bear shifters—they have the strongest smell and sense of all terrestrial animals. The bears fly to Italy. They are each assigned a quadrant of the country to search. After two weeks one of the bears detects Roman’s scent.

Gage, Sherm, Ari and her sons, along with the Navajos join the bears in Italy.

The rescue is on.

Be prepared for unexpected surprises.


The Bonded series contains adult material (sex and violence) which is pretty standard in shifter novels.

For this series I use the name DG Ireland. That is what you should search for on Amazon or Goodreads, or anywhere else. Otherwise you won’t find these novels under my full name (Dawn Greenfield Ireland).

Tidbit of information:

Reading makes you smarter. Doesn’t make any difference what you read: cereal boxes, magazines, comic books, novels, manuals, newspapers.

Absorb the words. Notice how the writers construct the sentences and paragraphs.

Look up words you don’t know.


My red pen is waiting for your editing project

Actually, if you send a Word file I’ll use Track Changes in the document. Additionally, you will receive a report where I will point things out and explain many things you probably weren’t aware of.

If your book is ready to be edited send me an email with the following details so I will be able to provide you a quote:

  • Synopsis of your book/project
  • Number of words
  • Number of pages
  • The first chapter

When I finish your project and send you the files (book and report) I’ll schedule time to talk so you can ask me questions about anything you don’t understand. Provide me with the following:

  • Your phone number
  • Your time zone (I’m EST)

If you know you will have another project coming up shortly, you can book an approximate date and we can wiggle the timeframe until your project is complete.

I edit the following material:

  • fiction (all genres)
  • nonfiction
  • websites
  • manuals
  • white paper

If it has words, I can edit it with one exception: poetry — this is not my expertise and I would be doing you a disservice to offer to edit a poem.

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I hope you have a great month. Until we meet across the keyboard again.

Onward & upward!

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