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Book news and Halloween

Book news and Halloween

Posted by | October 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

Book news and Halloween

Bonded by DG Ireland is now available!

Bonded by DG Ireland, my steamy shifter romance, is finally out there in two formats! The eBook is $2.99 and paperback is $13.99.

You can get it on Amazon here:

Bonded needs reviews! Can you lend a hand, read the book and leave a review? I’ll love you forever if you help me out here.

Take a look at my two animal shifters: Roman and Gage.

Keep your pets safe for Halloween!

It’s October and fall is in the air. The leaves are turning from their spring and summer green to red, gold, brown and orange, making a beautiful palette for country drives.

October is also the month where many people celebrate Halloween. Be sure to keep your pets safe. Not only is there a danger of your doggies getting into the candy basket and making themselves sick, but this festive time of the year can present a problem, especially for black cats.

Beware of cruel pranksters!

Keep your dog’s indoors on party nights, or when children go from house to house trick or treating. If you have a black cat, do not let it outside at those times. There have been many instances throughout the years of cruel people torturing dogs and black cats. Make sure your fur babies are protected and safe.

Remember to keep your Puppy Baby Book up-to-date! If you don’t have one, get one now! Puppy Baby Book

I’m on Patreon!

Patreon is a crowd-funding platform for every type of artist where you, the fans, can support us so we can continue doing what we love (and you love us to do): create more content!

Right now I have several different tiers set up. Take a look at my Patreon page here:

Please share my page with your friends, on your social media pages—and with anyone who loves books, writers, the arts in general—and help me stay afloat.

The very first short story is in the works. Every one of them will be a doozie, I promise. If you’re familiar with my characters, then you know some of them are to be reckoned with.

Need a logo, book cover, business card or postcard?

I love to refer people! Brandon White and Marcha Fox are two service providers for great looking graphics. You can see their services and prices here:

Tidbit of information:

Your index finger is a great tool. Use it to spellcheck your work. Press the button!

Need an Editor? Look no further!

Let me edit your book. Reasonable rates. Fast turnaround. Use my calendar link and book a time to talk with me about your project. I’ll give you a quote. Have your word/page count handy.
I hope you have a great month. Until we meet across the keyboard again.

Onward & upward!

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