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Cover Reveal for Gifts from Thol

Cover Reveal for Gifts from Thol

Posted by | October 17, 2018 | Uncategorized

New cover and synopsis

Gifts from Thol cover and synopsis

This awesome cover was designed by Brandon White, the same artist who designed the cover for Prophecy of Thol.

Gifts from Thol is the second book in the Thol series. At the end of Prophecy of Thol, D’laine returned to Earth leaving a broken-hearted Trakon behind on Thol. She returns to Thol with her family and one of the scientists who had investigated her disappearance from Texas.

D’laine is happy that her family is settling in at the Egrom village and getting used to their new surroundings. She knows that Thol changes people from Earth who cross over so she’s looking forward to finding out what their gifts are.

Lee and Jamie discover their gifts, and Jamie has many adventures that irk his father. Brian doesn’t seem to have a gift, and it makes him feel left out. But, Brain meets an Egrom child and they become best friends. On the other hand, big-brained Stanley Daigle has the Egroms keeping their distance.

Lee and Stanley are on a quest to find Greg Claymore, the man who disappeared from Earth in 1952. They find Greg on the other side of Thol living with the Oolarooloo people who are great healers. Greg wants nothing to do with his former Earth.

Victor, the scientist left behind on Earth, is frantic. His wife is terminally ill and he knows D’laine can heal her. He and Ben Joplin write a note and go to Coronado Beach where Claymore disappeared. They use an advanced camera to see the energy flickers. Victor slides the paper across the sand and it disappears.

In Thol, D’laine wakes and sits instantly. The piece of paper flies through the air to her hand. She reads it and sends a mental message straight to Victor telling him she will come and help.

Buffy, the Jackson’s former dog, leaps through the portal. Victor couldn’t stop her. Pup rescues her from a diwal attack. Pup leads Buffy to the palace. The Ciertrons don’t know what to make of the earth dog. Pup and Buffy become inseparable friends.

D’laine, Trakon and Stanley, bearing gifts, walk through the portal to Earth. But will they be able return to Thol? Will D’laine and Trakon get back in time to fulfill their marriage vows? Or, will they be stuck in a place that Trakon despises due to the noise, traffic, and pollution?

The adventure continues. The book will be available mid-November, 2018.

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