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Three Life Saving Commands

Your puppy is your pride and joy. He’s a bundle of kisses and a waggly fur ball and you love him. You are his human parent and he relies on you to provide all of his survival necessities: food, water, shelter and training to keep him safe from life’s hazards. Puppies are like toddlers. They unaware of the simple dangers around them in their everyday existence so you need to step up and take command so your bundle of joy is protected. This can be accomplished with three commands that could save his life one day: down stay, drop it, and come.


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Training a puppy requires patience. Always praise him when he does the correct behavior. Remember, to make a positive impression on your puppy:

• Be calm, gentle.
• Never yell at your puppy during training.
• Praise him and give him a treat when he does the right thing, even if he gets it half right.
• Show him over and over again.
• Keep lessons short.
• Use short commands.

I have included links to petexpertise for tips and training for these commands. This is a great training website as they have tips and training ideas on all manner of commands to make your puppy socially agreeable. Let’s face it, a wild puppy may be cute at 10 pounds, but when he is 45 pounds or more and out of control he is no longer cute.
Down stay can save your puppy from getting hit by a car, walking through broken glass which would tear up his feet, or any other dangerous situation where he may be running around to avoid you.

Drop it can save your puppy from swallowing something poisonous, like a pill that slipped out of your hand onto the floor,  choking hazard like a sharp bone meant for the trashcan, or a small object that could get caught in his throat.

Come is a command that all puppies and dogs need to know. Telling your puppy Come and getting him by your side may save his life from a dangerous situation. A lot of dogs love the water. They will romp right in, scoop water in their mouths, and chase sticks that are thrown into the water. Not all water is safe. Pond water, or any water that has a green tinge to it may contain microorganisms and bacteria that can make your dog sick, and if enough is swallowed, could kill your dog. When your dog knows and responds properly to the command come, you can save his life by getting him away from the water to safety. Even lake, river or ocean water can be dangerous. Chemicals dumped into the water can harm your dog. Make sure you get him out of, or away from water hazards.

When you make a training session a fun experience, your puppy will want to learn. He will look at you expectantly, waiting to find out what’s next. If you turn into a maniac and get all yelly and screamy, your puppy’s tail will drop between his legs and he may cower in fear. You won’t accomplish anything positive, that’s for sure. He will associate you and training as a scary thing and he will shut down. Like a toddler, he needs love and positive experiences to learn what you want him to know, and to correct his misguided behavior. Eager is good. Cowering in fear is bad.

Be sure to document your puppy’s training in your The Puppy Baby Book. And, take a look at our beautiful, frame-worthy obedience certificate for your new graduate!