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About Me

I’m glad you’re here.

Many authors today are independent publishers. In my case, I’m the author/publisher/box packer/shipper/stand-in-line-at-the-post office gal.
When you see my books on Amazon or other sites, I receive the purchase order from the store and I ship the books to those sites, or directly to the buyer.
If you wanted an autograph, you won’t get one this way unless you turn around and send the book to me — paying shipping three times.
Order directly from my website and request an autograph.
Now that you are here, please wander through my website and get to know me… Sign up for my newsletter. Lets stay in touch.

I’m on Patreon!

Patreon is a crowd-funding platform for every type of artist where you, the fans, can support us so we can continue doing what we love (and you love us to do): create more content!

Fans are free to support my writing business, if they so choose, and I, in turn can offer up things that don’t have a place elsewhere—like exclusive short stories by and about one of my characters, Rex’s snarky opinion of the happenings between 2030-2086 from The Last Dog, detailed descriptions of creatures from Thol, along with other behind-the-scenes information. No strings attached, on a monthly basis.

Right now I have several different tiers set up. Take a look at my Patreon page here:

Please share my page with your friends, on your social media pages—and with anyone who loves books, writers, the arts in general—and help me stay afloat.


The Crowd (Psychological horror)

  • Finalist ~ Reel Writers Script Competition, 9/2015
  • Semifinalist ~ Screencraft Horror Competition, 8/2015

Memoirs of a Dog (Family animation script)

  • Winner of the Spirit Award for Kids ~ Moondance Int’l Film Festival 2011
  • Official Selection List ~ Kids First Film Festival 2011
  • Official Selection List ~ International Family Film Festival 2011
  • Advanced to 2nd Round of the 2011 International Screenwriting Page Awards 2011
  • Family Film Runner-Up / Woods Hole Film Festival 2010 Screenwriting Contest

A Girl and Her Dog (Family comedy)

  • Optioned by Shadow Cave 2-2013 (unproduced, available again)
  • Awarded a KIDS FIRST! Endorsement by Coalition for Quality Children’s Media 2012
  • Finalist ~ Worldfest Int’l Film Festival Script Competition 2005
  • Semi-finalist ~ The Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition,2003

Plan B (Very dark comedy)

  • Top 50 Screenplays in the Underground Exposure competition 5/2010
  • Finalist ~ Table Read My Screenplay competition 4/2010
  • Semi-Finalist ~ Chesterfield Film Co. Competition

Melody (Drama)

  • 3rd Runner Up ~ Greenlight Entertainment, 12/2003
  • Finalist ~ Worldfest Int’l Film Festival Script Competition 2005
  • Semi-finalist ~ The Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition 2003

Prophecy of Thol (Science fiction/creature feature)

  • Second Round ~ Austin Film Festival, (1998)

Standing Dead (Tragedy/drama)

  • Finalist ~ Worldfest Int’l Film Festival Script Competition 2005
  • Winner ~ WIFT/Houston Reel Dialogues Screenwriting Competition 12/99

Breezy Meadows (Drama)

  • Second Round ~ Austin Film Festival, (1998)

The Dishwasher (Comedy)

  • Guilded Quill Award

Block Captain (Action comedy)

  • Optioned 2009 (unproduced, available again)
Forced Dreams ~ (Sci-fi)
Deadly Traits (The Rose Vendetta) ~ Crime/drama
Deception and Desire ~ (Drama) – Work for Hire/unproduced
Rivals ~ (Comedy)
40 Days ~ (Sci-fi)/animation short
The Challenge ~ (Sci-fi)/animation short
Wasted Time ~ (Spoof-short)
The God Child ~ (Action-adventure)
The Brownstone ~ (Comedy)
Women in Film & Television, Houston ~ Benefactor, member
Lajoda LLC / Lajoda Entertainment ~ Partner
Artistic Origins Inc ~ (Head Dog)

Aunt Ora

Ora Daigle Nichols
Radio Sound Effects

One of my inspirations as a professional writer and business woman is my Great Aunt Ora. Here’s a fun tidbit of information about an extraordinary woman that shaped radio and the way we watch movies.

Aunt Ora Daigle Nichols was the first and only woman sound effects engineer. In the early 1900’s she worked on radio sensations such as, War of the Worlds and Buck Rogers.

CBS: New York: First lady of sound effects. The March of Time, Mercury Theater, Roses and Drums (1932), 45 minutes in Hollywood, Buck Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century, Stoopnagle, and War of the Worlds.

My cousin Jeff found more information and pictures of Great Aunt Ora. Check it out here:

“Ora, who began her show-business career as a Vaudeville actress, paved the way for women in the technical arts, and made a lasting name for herself in silent film and radio history.”