About Artistic Origins

About Artistic Origins Book Project Management, Publishing, and Technical Writing Services

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of book project management, publishing and documentation services to make your project stand out.
Every project requires the expertise of many individuals. We have worked with all types of editors, graphic artists, formatters for eBooks and print, and printers.
For technical projects, we have a great deal of experience with subject matter experts (SMEs), engineers, managers, support staff, and upper management.
It takes a great team to produce a quality product: your book, report, manual, procedures, user guide or article. Artistic Origins has all of those connections. Our team rocks.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best book project management, publishing and technical writing services for our clients and take the worry out of the equation. The success we have experienced with non-fiction and fiction book projects drives us to reach higher on every new project.

No matter how your deadlines fluctuate, we are right there with you to complete your project on time and within budget. You can entrust your project to our highly capable, competent staff and take your vacation.


Schedule a free appointment to talk with me about your project, or what you would like to learn.

Book Project Management Services

What we do

  • Evaluate your book
  • Determine the category (if non-fiction)
  • Team you up with the best possible editor and graphic artist for your genre/category
  • Secure a formatter for the project
  • Develop a schedule
  • Request print bids (if a printed book)
  • Determine shipping and storage of printed books
  • Keep you informed and in the loop every step of the way

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