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A Scribe’s Journey Interview with Richard Paolinelli on YouTube

A Scribe’s Journey Interview with Richard Paolinelli on YouTube

Posted by admin | February 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

A Scribe’s Journey: Dawn Greenfield Ireland

At Noon eastern, Dawn Greenfield Ireland is our guest. You can watch it here starting at Noon (Eastern) on Wednesday February 6th: A Scribe’s Journey: Dawn Greenfield Ireland

She discusses her own scribe’s journey, why she edits other authors’ books & why it is vital that all authors have their books edited before submitting to an agent or a publisher. We talk about our collaboration to help finish the late author Gibson Michaels’ fourth and final book, Eerie.

We overcame some connection issues on Dawn’s end, and a microphone issue on mine (stupid new webcam) which led to me donning the headset this week and looking like a play-by-play man for a hockey game. But at the end of the day, we had a great time.

We also explore her connection to this mysterious woman from the past who was a true pioneer.

Make sure you check out Dawn’s books – especially The Last Dog – and if you are looking for an editor drop her an e-mail at

Buyer Beware!

I always thought LG appliances were great. How wrong could I have been?

In October of 2016 I purchased a kitchen full of LG appliances. The gas stove was the top of the line and cost just under $2,000. It was installed on 10/26/2016.

Two of the igniters recently failed. One for the broiler in the smaller top oven, and the igniter in that same top oven for baking functions.

I’ve contacted LG numerous times, but they won’t stand behind their product and these defective igniters.

I’m the one who will have to pay for the igniter parts, tax and labor to the tune of over $500.

So, I’m just letting everyone know that they should understand that LG stoves do not contain top of the line parts and that the company — LG — doesn’t seem to care.

My red pen and eagle eyes are waiting for your editing project

Actually, if you send a Word file I’ll use Track Changes in the document. Additionally, you will receive a report where I will point things out and explain many things you probably weren’t aware of.

If your book is ready to be edited send me an email with the following details so I will be able to provide you a quote:

  • Synopsis of your book/project
  • Number of words
  • Number of pages
  • The first chapter

When I finish your project and send you the files (book and report) I’ll schedule time to talk so you can ask me questions about anything you don’t understand. Provide me with the following:

  • Your phone number
  • Your time zone (I’m EST)

If you know you will have another project coming up shortly, you can book an approximate date and we can wiggle the timeframe until your project is complete.

I edit the following material:

  • fiction (all genres)
  • nonfiction
  • websites
  • manuals
  • white paper

If it has words, I can edit it with one exception: poetry — this is not my expertise and I would be doing you a disservice to offer to edit a poem.

Tidbit of information:

We live in an era where information is at your fingertips. That said, you should always vet the information before you pass it along.

The definition of vet says it all: make a careful and critical examination of (something).

There are so many people on social media that forward information like fake news. Never forward false accusations of people supposedly doing harmful things — that damages their reputation.

Don’t YOU be one of those people who mindlessly passes along crazy information without confirming the source.

I’m on Patreon!

All the famous artists, writers, and painters had patrons. Help me stay afloat. Become my patron.

Calling all helpers!

Would you be willing to do me a huge favor?

I have compiled a list of all my books, including the ISBN numbers.

If you are able to lend a hand and approach your library and/or bookstore, please email me and I will send you a PDF of the list.

You can print the list or email it to your librarian or bookstore acquisitions person.


My Rack Of Books


I hope you have a great month. Until we meet across the keyboard again.

Onward & upward!

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I wonder about your eagle eyes!! Blessed!! Would love to read your novels.
Hi Pauline, Thanks for your note! If you need an editor, I'm your gal. Send me an email and tell me about your book. Dawn

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