3/17/12 Café of Dreams Review by April

3/17/12 Café of Dreams Review by April

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This is the third stop on the Premier Author Virtual Book Tour. Café of Dreams Review by April that was published Friday, February 03, 2012

Review: Hot Chocolate is a creamy, rich, delicious and indulgent read that will warm you and nestle you in a blanket of satisfaction.

I am a huge lover of the cozy mystery genre and when I read the blurb for Hot Chocolate by Dawn Greenfield Ireland, I was instantly intrigued. A group of middle-aged sisters, each incredibly different, unique and ornery in their own way solving a mystery? Add the twists and intrigue of voodoo notions and practices; quirky, yet lovable, characters and you have a mixture and texture sure to be a huge hit!

Set in the South, Hot Chocolate has many of the fun and sassy hints of that region. The main characters of Lila Mae, Dorothea and Madge are created so real and impossible not to love. Their southern style and way of life shows through strongly, making for an even richer reading experience. The fact that the girls’ 92-year-old father is a horny, yet hard-to-resist gentleman is a hoot as well.

The thing about Hot Chocolate is the fact that this is a story that is so easy to read and quick to get into. It is smooth and is written in a way that the reader feels as though they are right there with the characters and actually knows the characters – not only the main, but the secondary characters as well. I loved Bambi – the poor, pregnant widow; Chance, Lila Mae’s love; Joseph and Amelia, employed by Lila Mae, but more like family; and of course Jimmy Ray, the victim (though I have to say the focus on this guy’s teeth got a teensy bit tiresome, lol) and I cannot forget to mention Uncle Tito (what a hoot he is – not to mention unforgettable to boot!)

Not only is Hot Chocolate an enjoyable cozy mystery, it is packed full of surprises and yummy food talk. I must admit that I loved the hint on how to make a delicious Cafe Mocha!! YUM – I even tried it as soon as I read it, lol. I highly recommend this book by Ms. Ireland! Not only is it a positively delicious and sinful read, it also contains “have to try” recipes at the end!! I anxiously await more by this fabulous author!

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